Saturday, November 15, 2008


The carrying out of this idea didn't always feel comfortable but it did feel right.

Please start at the beginning-
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/Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Becoming one with the original.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

You say Good-bye I say Hello

Hello Hello -
The best part about blogs is that there is input everyday. 
So sorry.

Need some time to collect thoughts.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Staples beat paper every time

Tambourine Head emerges victorious!


Beginning to look like some crumpled up dried up big old leaf.

Princess Grill

Blending into the neighbourhood.

The Last Roundup

Sunday after noon, after rain, after traffic.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

gone gone gone gone gone

Half gone

Second chance

Tambourine head might just emerge again.


Edged out by Santa.


And the smokes were moved out of the rain. 


Couple of great surprises tonight. 
Someone  tagged the alley poster. Real tag on the pretend one.
After I did my rounds and headed home I just had to come back and take this one down for myself. 

Video still  from Thursday afternoon.

Fading Out

The last posters went up yesterday.
I'll check on them today and tomorrow will decide how to end.

Still there

Friday, October 24, 2008


They obviously belong there.


Adelaide Accident

Just laying the musical staff on this image wasn't working and made me see a wider potential for applying other graphics (graffiti) onto a photo.
Wanted this to be a bigger image so got two 89¢ posters and taped them together. 
Frugality and creativity working together in harmony.

City Hall

Exquisite fall day down in the Exchange and no doubt everywhere else in this fine city. 
Feeling good. 
Got that image onto that wall.

Tambourine Head Staple Man Poster

It got stapled -alas.

Tomorrow I take on City Hall!


Geese #2

Not much left of the image-


Not much open space here-the poster is at the bottom.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Princess Grill 2

Hello follower #2


I had an assistant tonight and all went even better than skulking around by myself.

After considering replacing the missing posters I decided to recycle them instead -so got posters made of the photos of the original posters of the initial photos.
You know, I'm sitting here thinking I should have written on them "this poster is missing" or "Have you seen this missing poster"
" This poster was last seen" etc.
Having quite a lot of fun with this.

An Invitation

Tonight I'll put out only one new image (above) and four reminders of the posters that have disappeared.

By the way-any thoughtful embellishment that might appear on these posters could be interesting.

Bird Watching


A component of this project could be spying. Did a bit of that this morning. 
The Jazz posters still up. The blinds were closed though so I thought-hmmmm.. their office probably doesn't open until 11 so I'll go to the Fyxx across the street, watch from the window and maybe witness a reaction. 
This is what I imagine bird watching might be like. Long stretches of nothing and then...nothing.
After 11 I phoned to see if they were open-a person did answer-but I refrained from asking why the blinds were closed when EVERY OTHER TIME I GO BY THERE THEY ARE WIDE OPEN.
The Geese/Artspace one is gone but now I'm thinking -did it peel off? I'll check the ground later.
Got a better on site shot of Into the Music.


And the last for tonight. 
Fretted about putting these on their window. Should I ask permission, is it rude etc.
Hope they have a sense of humour and leave them up long enough for me to get a daytime shot.

Borrowed George Crumb's Spiral Galaxy for this julieta_venegas.html


Did get one of geese flying high over Artspace. The page of stickers from Dollarama has been useful. 
I don't see songbirds in the district-no telephone wires.


Two more are gone. The cigarette butts and staple guy. I was looking forward to seeing how the cigarette one survived the rain but it's completely gone, no tape left even. I put up another staple guy in a different place-this one has a mad face and a tambourine sticker on what passes for his head.

After midnight

A beautiful night in the Exchange District. Groups of people hanging out on the corner, chatting on and on into the night.  
People! Go home to your beds! I have posters to put up.
Put up 2 of the Pop Can Lady.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OK. Off to Canadian Tire for more tape.
A lot about Art, I see, is knowing the materials for eg. Which tape works best on each particular surface-brick wall, cold glass.
Now, I don't intend to vandalize.
 I am only playing at tag after all.


Hey, I have a follower and they're not friends or family.

Sent & Received

Great reaction so far to my mass e-mailing yesterday. Thank you.
Will venture out tonight to check water and other damage and put up 3 or 4 new images.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One Down

There has been activity.
The Princess Grill is gone-just a few downy bird feathers stuck to the remains of carpet tape. I checked the street and gutters but saw nothing familiar.
Vandals, Sanitation workers? No telling.

Got all rainy tonight as I was plotting my next recon.
Will put more up tomorrow including the image above -the Lady of the Pop Cans.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Playing Tag

A typical autumn scene (above) reminded me of practicing scales on the piano and was the inspiration for this project. Soon there were musical notes everywhere- broken glass,cigarettes and raindrops.

 A few months ago I received a very welcomed grant from the Winnipeg Arts Council to create a series of prints using images of the Exchange District and, by superimposing the musical staff on them like a Graffiti tag, evoke playable and imagined sound and music. These prints are near completion. 

This subject of this blog is a parallel project.

 I wanted to reunite these images with their places of origin-literally take them back to the streets in the form of altered, inexpensive posters. This is the work in progress.


More images

Over the next few days I will be putting up more posters around the Exchange. 
Checked on the ones I put out Sunday and they are intact. The Princess Grill poster was encased in a nest of leaves.  Watched as 3 foot patrol officers walked past and one glanced down at it -nothing more.

Next post I will describe the project.

Rain tomorrow

As this is ultimately an ephemeral exhibition, I expect the weather will play a part in the physical breakdown of the posters.
They look tough though-89 cents each from Industry Images on McDermot. 

# 5 Princess Grill