Thursday, October 23, 2008


A component of this project could be spying. Did a bit of that this morning. 
The Jazz posters still up. The blinds were closed though so I thought-hmmmm.. their office probably doesn't open until 11 so I'll go to the Fyxx across the street, watch from the window and maybe witness a reaction. 
This is what I imagine bird watching might be like. Long stretches of nothing and then...nothing.
After 11 I phoned to see if they were open-a person did answer-but I refrained from asking why the blinds were closed when EVERY OTHER TIME I GO BY THERE THEY ARE WIDE OPEN.
The Geese/Artspace one is gone but now I'm thinking -did it peel off? I'll check the ground later.
Got a better on site shot of Into the Music.

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